Take Me Home From This Hell, Im ready To Return.

Don’t Read This. Just Ignore It.

4am and im still awake. idk why. Maybe because im not tired. Maybe because i don’t want to. Maybe because im just hoping you’ll talk to me so i can sleep happily. Or maybe its just because ive gotten used to sleeping at 5am. Whatever the reason, today hasnt been the best day. And ive been able to stay up all night with my thoughts. Slowly haunting me. Slowly consuming me. But maybe im just over thinking things. I tend to do that a lot. But what if i have a reason to? Its not like i haven’t been let down in this kind of situation before. I should be used to it. And i am. But idk. Theres something about you. Something different. Ive never felt so much for someone so fast. And i dont even know if you feel the same way. And I like talking to you. And idk, just not talking to you all day, made things worse. And at this point i feel if i message you any more, ill just annoy you. and i dont want to do that. And you even told me you weren’t home, but idk. i cant help myself. Maybe im just hoping you’ll be different. You seem genuine. Amazing. and Perfect in the most imperfect way, I may not know everything about you, but what i do know, that was enough. You have me hooked. but whatever. im probably just setting myself up for disappointment. i always do. Its the story of my life. Something always gets in the way and it never ends up right. But im willing to take the risk if you are. I really hope you dont read this. I probably sound like a complete idiot. but hey, love makes people do crazy things right?

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